Wellness Shoppe – Where Body, Mind, & Spirit Meet!

The Wellness Shoppe is the retail dispensary for Dr. Chiedu Nchekwube’s Family Medicine and Wellness Center clinical practice. We are located at 5495 Broadway in Merrillville, Indiana. You can contact us by phone at (219) 985-8741 or by email.


Buy Clinical Quality Supplements Online

You can buy supplements, vitamins, minerals, and herbs online from our clinical dispensary at The Wellness Shoppe.


About The Wellness Shoppe

A second home to many; The Wellness Shoppe is a place to learn about wellness and achieve Self-Healing. The Wellness Shoppe is an energetic community in which you may ask your questions about: lifestyle, diet, vitamins, minerals, and herbs; as well as address your psychological, physiological, and spiritual concerns within a safe and comforting forum. This is done in partnership and in the spirit of Scientific fellowship with health care providers via our shared experience & knowledge– knowledge gained from the extensive traditional and on-going research about healing mind, body, and spirit.

About Our Holistic Medical Practice

Family Medicine and Wellness Center is a holistic medical clinic and a leading proponent of Integrative Medicine, which is a blend of conventional medical practices with scientifically validated Holistic therapies from around the world. We offer wellness and preventive programs focused on the promotion of wellness.

Our Wellness Center specializes in managing and treating chronic conditions such as: digestive problems, hormone imbalances for men and women, Female Sexual Dysfunction, Erectile dysfunction, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, Anxiety disorder, mood disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome and fatigue, heart diseases, Diabetes, and other diseases that require long-term management.


Our Mission:



Nurturing Emotional & Mental Wellness and educating the community




Offering clinical quality supplements & organic herbal formulas as well as encouraging good nutrition & exercise for a healthy body



Fostering Healing & Spiritual Wellness for each individual on Spaceship Earth by supporting homeostasis


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