There will be NO seminars in December

Due to the holidays and Doctor’s schedule, there will be no seminars in the month of December. That doesn’t mean you have to stop learning! Here are a few of the things to watch until the seminars return in January:

1.) ‘For The Next Seven Generations’ is what we need in these times of unrest- 13 indigenous grandmothers from around the world unite and create an organization that strives for: peace, healing, & the healing of our environment. Amazing!

2.) ‘Dandelion, Natures Hard Worker’ with Doctor Willard. Learn why this common plant is so wonderful for your body, aiding digestion and detoxification. Dandelion is Awesome!

3.) ‘Guided Meditation to Free your Creativity’ by Angel Cherney-Haring who runs Spiral Ascension: Center for Mind, Body and Spiritual Transformation

4.) ’10 minute Yoga Session’ to remain calm & balanced with Yogi Cameron. Try It!!

5.) ‘A Week of Vegan Dinners’ by Vegan Encounters is the quickest cooking video ever and the food is delicious! The Garlic sauce recipe can be found here: 



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