T-Relief Arnica Pain Relief Tablets



Size: 100 Tablets

MediNatura T-Relief Pain Relief Tablets
• Arnica + 12 Natural Ingredients
• Relieves
o Joint Pain
o Back Pain
o Muscular Pain
• All Natural Active Ingredients
• Homeopathic

Ingredients: Each Tablet contains: Active Ingredients:
*Acontium napellus 3X arnica montana, radix 3X, arnica montana, radix 6X, arnica montana, radix 10X, baptisia tinctoria 2X, belladonna 3X, bellis perennis 2X, calendula officinalis 2X, chamomilla 2X, echinacea 2X, hamamelis virginiana 2X, hypericum perforatum 3X, millefolium 2X, ruta graveolens 4X, symphytum officinale 8X.
Inactive Ingredients: Lactose, magnesium stearate.


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