Doctor’s May 2018 Seminars

On MAY 19th, 2018; Doctor Nchekwube will be giving a free seminar to the public from 1-2 pm.
The Doctor will be discussing Collective Meditation with a Group Intention (‘Onu-Ora’, which can be translated as ‘mouth of the people’ or ‘voice of the community’) and how it can benefit the world! If you have never been to a Meditation session know that you will actually be able to learn and apply this meditation technique under doctor’s direction in a safe, friendly group setting! 


On MAY 19th, 2018; from 2pm to 4pm, Doctor will discuss The Power of Boron & Super D Plus–  Find out how to: Increase Immunity, Strengthen Bones, Fight Osteoporosis, Combat Diabetes, Increase Sex Drive, Improve your Memory, Destroy Wrinkles, Battle & Prevent Cancer, Improve your Circulation, Encourage Muscle Growth, and Relieve Arthritis! Doctor will provide you with the Science behind the combination of Boron and the minerals within the Super D Plus formula which he researched/created/designed!! It’s FREE to the Public & Questions are Always Welcome!! 

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