Doctor Nchekwube’s Seminars APRIL 29, 2017!

APRIL 29, 2017 

Doctor Nchekwube will be giving 2 seminars on Saturday; April 29, 2017. These seminars are open to the public, but seating is limited -so please try to arrive on time. From 1-2 Doctor Nchekwube will be teaching ‘The Power of Smiling’ and ‘Easy Meditation’. Find out the difference between a trained smile and a genuine smile; and also the basics of Easy Meditation (Doctor will lead the seminar group in meditation after discussing the fundamentals)!


On APRIL 29, 2017; From 2-4 PM Doctor Nchekwube will be discussing Eating Right for your Genetics in order to Heal!! This is a brand new discovery in medical diagnostic testing – genetic testing that can pinpoint: allergies, which medicine will work best for a particular individual, which foods your body cannot tolerate, etc.! Even without the genetic test, Doctor Nchekwube can tell you which foods to avoid based on your ancestral or family background- did you know Native Americans should avoid breads/gluten and that most African Americans should avoid over-doing Starchy foods like the Potato? Or that both groups are more likely to be Lactose (Milk and Dairy Products) Intolerant? This seminar will be enlightening and amazing- the newest research in Integrative Medicine- and its FREE to the Public & Questions are Always Welcome!! 

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