Doctor Nchekwube’s JULY 2018 Seminars

On JULY 28th, 2018; Doctor Nchekwube will be giving a free seminar to the public from 1-2 pm.
The Doctor will be discussing Collective Meditation with a Group Intention (‘Onu-Ora’, which can be translated as ‘mouth of the people’ or ‘voice of the community’) and how it can benefit the world! If you have never been to a Meditation session know that you will actually be able to learn and apply this meditation technique under doctor’s direction in a safe, friendly group setting!

*IMPORTANT FRIENDLY REMINDER: We begin meditation at 1 PM so please try to be on time as to not interrupt the other participants. Also (as with every Meditation circle or Seminar) please have all cell phones on Silent for the duration of the event. 


On JULY 28th, 2018; from 2pm to 4pm, Doctor will discuss ‘Healing with Hunger: Eating like your Ancestors & the Power of Intermittent Fasting’- Doctor N will tell you how to unlock your body’s inherent healing abilities to; combat diabetes, prevent cancer, lose weight & increase stamina/energy, clear your mind, detoxify, and increase your strength! It’s FREE to the Public & Questions are Always Welcome!! 

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